Change Time!

May 6, 2015

Dear Parishioners

In my last posting, I welcomed aboard Ms. Colleen Kotrba as our new grade school principal. She will be taking over the ship that has been faithfully steered by Ms. Frankie Bytheway. Well, at this time of the year, there are many changes that occur and in the area of personnel, this continues.

This week, we welcomed on board, Debbie Todor, who will be taking over for Kathy Zahniser who is retiring. The two are both working feverishly in the office this week with Kathy training Debbie the ropes of the job. Beginning next week, Kathy will start to decrease her presence as Debbie feels more confident in the work.

I want to thank Kathy for her 8+ years of ministry as our administrative assistant in the front office. She has been our front line of ministry to all who come to our office each day. Thank you, Kathy! You will be missed. So, if you want to come by before she leaves, this week is the best time. And so as she transitions out, please join me in welcoming Debbie. She comes to us from years of experience in the personnel department of Josephine County. We feel that her skills are very well suited for the work and that we are going to learn a lot from her.

This past week, Joe Trainor notified me that he would need to leave and begin a new venture for his family who live in the Philippines. He will likely stay through July which will ensure that VBS is managed well. So, I have posted our Pastoral Associate position on and invite anyone who believes they are qualified and called to be part of our team to apply. One can do that by clicking this link.

So., yes, change is happening. It can be stressful, but good for us. It reminds me that I am not in control. Furthermore, God's plans are beyond any of ours. So, please set to prayer all four of these fantastic people" Frankie Bytheway, Colleen Kotrba, Kathy Zahniser, Debbie Todor, and Joe Trainor. It is an honor to work with each one of them. May God bless them all!


Fr. William Holtzinger

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