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Other Podcasting Recommendations:

iTunes Easy-Click Subscriptions
Podcast Homepage
iTunes Easy-Click Subscriptions
Podcast Homepage
iTunes Easy-Click Subscriptions
Podcast Homepage

TWiT Live

Watch Leo LaPorte as he produces his shows live. This is not a podcast, but a video stream.

This Week In Tech

Discussions about technology

Car Talk

Humorous mechanics answer calls from weary car owners

MacBreak Weekly

Latest in Macintosh news and views


Just Gotta Scoot

All about motor-scooter ad motorbikes

Ask a Ninja

Amazing and weird questions and answers from a "ninja."


The latest news about asronomy, space and the Hubble Space Telescope

USCCB Daily Readings

Daily Scripture Readings

Fr. Mike's Homilies

Fr. Mike Walker's Podcast (RSS Feed)

That Catholic Show

Video podcast that takes you into the Church in an amusing way

Peter Kreeft

Various talks given by Dr. Peter Kreeft

The SaintCast

Reflections on saints by Paul Camarata


CoffeeBreak Spanish

Learn Spanish with your lattte

PAC-12 Podcast

CBS Video Podcast on your favorite Pac-12 sports teams

Great Speeches in History

Speeches by great thinkers, statesmen and othe public orators.

Catholic Insider

The world through the eyes and ears of a priest

Weekly Homilies w/ Fr. Gary Zerr

St. Edward's Catholic Church

Fr. Mike's Bible Study

A Bible Study from a mainstream Catholic Perspective.

Catholics Next Door

Catholics Next Door

Your companions on the journey of living out your faith

Catholic Family Podcast

Family life w/ a sprinkling of Catholic teaching

IPadre Catholic Podcast

All things Catholic and then some with Fr. Jay Finelli

Catholic Answers LIVE

Daily Radio call-in program

Catholic Forum

Info. & Stories About the Faith






Podcast Software Clients

What technology am I using to create this web site and podcast?

Web site creation:

1. Macintosh Quad 2.93 gig Intex Zeon
2. Dreamweaver CS4
3. Photoshop Elements
4. Garageband '09



Web Hosting/RSS Feed

1. Server for podcast files: Libsyn.com, web hosting: HostPapa.com
2. Blog host: http:/frbill.libsyn.com
3. RSS 2.0 feed: http:// www.feedburner.com
4. Sites where posted: iTunes& http://www.discipleswithmicrophones.com& http://www.podnova.com & more

Podcast creation:

1. Live Recordings on ZOOM H2
2. Editing/mixing on G5 with Garageband
3. Other hardware: M-Audio MoblePre USB, MXL 990 condenser mic

Other Software Components:

1. "Backroads" from The Mix Signature Collection http://www.mixmusiclibrary.com/
"Can Do" theme music: http://www.freeplaymusic.com







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