Dear Parishioners,

Happy New Year! And what a year is will be if we all seek peace in our lives. It may seem daunting to think that our personal inner peace will effect the world. But, it will. It must begin with each one of us. The first day of the year is a dual celebration: Mary, Mother of God and World Day of Peace.

Peace sure seems elusive for us, the people of the Archdiocese of Portland in Oregon. With the recent ruling against the Archdiocese in the bankruptcy court, some might get discouraged or angry. But, this will be another opportunity for us to show our faithfulness. Don't let the nay sayers win the day. Rather, stay fast in your faith and remain constant in your convictions. This is a time for us to remember what we are about and why we gather each week for Mass. We come to celebrate Christ's saving actions in our lives and to encounter him in the flesh through the Eucharist. No bankruptcy, no judge ruling, no scandalous behavior should deter us from proclaiming Christ alive in our hearts.

On January 3rd, the Archbishop released a statement which he hopes all parishioners will read. We will make it available at all the Masses this coming weekend.

This is how we offer our lives as spiritual sacrifices. Let peace reside in your hearts, a peace that the world does not know.

For more reflection on the recent events surrounding the bankruptcy as well as a wonderful message on World Day of Peace, check out the following links:

Archbishop John G. Vlazny's Statement: PDF doc or html

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Pope Benedict XVI's message: "In Truth, Peace"


Fr. William Holtzinger