Dear Parishioners,

"He, Came. He Saw, but, did he (Dan Brown) conquer the box office?" Time will tell. Unfortunately, too many people have given their minds over to the attractive arguments made in the best selling novel and movie, "The Da Vinci Code. " Bottom line: It's a suspense-thriller novel, but disingenuously claims to be based in accurate historical facts, a lie that should make all authors grimace and seek cover.

I will go to see it and make my own critique of the movie. But, in the meantime, I have read the book and combed through many of the details. My conclusion? The book is trite and laughable for those who are educated about their faith. It is dangerous, deceptive, and a work that does not give glory to God for those who are ignorant of Church history and the Catholic Church. It has made many people ponder and doubt the witness of the believers of the early Church. It has thrown into doubt the historicity of the Sacred Scriptures and lifted up heretical texts in their place. It has fed right into our critics, but in a way that even makes them look stupid. I could go on, but instead, I would like to draw your attention to a podcast I've been producing entitled, Jesus, Mary & Da Vinci. It was going to be a three-part series, but has been continually growing since the first episode.

Just recently, Fr. Roderick of the Starquest Podcast Network , The Catholic Insider, and Daily Breakfast invited me to join his community of podcasters and make these episodes available as a separate feed on his network. I was honored and agreed. So, you can now also go to The Da Vinci Cast: Jesus, Mary and Da Vinci via SQPN as well as subscribe via iTunes.

While many of the TV shows debunk the historical events, people, and places (an easy thing to do), I've spent time reflecting on the authority and value of the witness of the early Church, Gnosticism, The Gnostic texts, chapter 55 of the book, and answer listeners' questions.

The USCCB have produced what looks to be a good program, Jesus Decoded, about the real historical Jesus. The makers spend time debunking the bad research that comes from the book and offer a wonderful web site with supplementary information. Check out the video trailer by clicking this link. Thank you to all who have given generously to the Catholic Communications Campaign for making their web page and TV special possible.

Should you see it or not? That is ultimately an individual's decision. I will be seeing it. I have an obligation to do so. You need not see it nor read the book. However, know that if you don't, your ability to argue the case for the Jesus Christ of our faith will be less effective. Either way, check out books or TV programs that offer responses to the fast-food theology and history that is the Da Vinci Code.

Thank you again, Fr. Roderick for the honor of collaborating with you and your fellow SQPN podcasters.

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Fr. William Holtzinger