One for the Record Book

As I write this, there is over a foot of snow outside and we have experienced not only snow, but also freezing rain. That means that it will be quite a challenge to get around in the next couple days. Here in Northwest Oregon we typically experience some pretty moderate weather. But, this is one for the record books. It is now certain that we will have a white Christmas. I heard that this has been our worst winter storm in 40 years. We have canceled pretty much all our events but Mass and reconciliation. Thanks to Diana Wuertz, the web master of the parish web site, we have been truly up-to-date on other events, cancellations, and links for more information about related sites.

Instead of trying to describe the environment, I thought I'd just show you via some photos I took this past several days.

Click Here to Watch Video Clip.

News report on my dog, Gracie (Requires Quicklime Player)

Main Road through Forest Grove (Notice Our Banner!)

St. Anthony's after one of the big snows

Can you believe that I still have hummingbirds?

Here he is again patrolling the feeder

Now that's a lot of snow!

Winter beauty

The snow really made it tough for birds to get a drink

The little beaver ornament is totally buried

Blessings in Christ,

Fr. William Holtzinger