Front Page Overhaul

If you frequent my web site, you will notice right away that my front page is in the process of getting a face-lift. This is due partly to the need for additional functionality as well as my desire to simply do something new. I'm a very settled kinda person, someone who doesn't make that many changes. My friends would tell you that I am a creature of habit and I'll bet you that if asked, they could even describe in detail what I normally buy when shopping for groceries.

I desire to make my web site more dynamic without having to always add new content via brute force. As I mentioned in my previous blog, I have been active in Facebook and Twitter. These two avenues of social networking allow me to extend my ability to communicate with parishioners, friends, and anyone else who may be curious about the goings on of a priest. As such, you will notice that the left tool bar now shows my Twitter status, a quick link to my Facebook account, links to my older blog postings, and other interesting items. Let me know what you think. It's taken me a while to break the web page in two columns for sheer esthetic reasons. But, that seems to be more and more popular. In addition, some of the icons now have a rounded and glossy look to them. All these changes show a move to a more Web 2.0 look to my web page.

Days Are Getting Longer

Earlier than ever, I've noticed the days getting longer. Maybe it's because we've experienced some more clear days and the clouds aren't obscuring the light, or maybe it's because I'm so eager to welcome to spring.

This year, daylight savings time begins on March 8th. Liturgically, the Church celebrates Christmas at the darkest time in order to contrast the light of Christ against the insipid darkness of sin which is so present in our lives. With the advent of Christ's birth, the light has dawned and we can begin to see again, sin's reign will soon come to an end. Today, the light reminds me of how much God's grace overwhelmingly conquers our sins. His love and presence warms my life.

The financial struggles so many people are experiencing can be like that darkness which obscures our hope. But, let us remember that Christ is our light, and in him is our total trust and hope. If you find yourself tempted to despair, just remember that the dark days of winter will most certainly end just as will sin. Thank you God for loving us even when we struggle, even when we doubt. You are the Savior and in you we trust!

Blessings in Christ,
Fr. William Holtzinger