Dear Parishioners,

It was nine short years ago when Sr. Juana Gutierrez, S.S.M.O., joined the pastoral team here at St. Anthony's as the Coordinator of Hispanic Ministry. This June 13th, she will be leaving us to return to her community in Beaverton. I will miss her smile, her infectious laugh, and her evangelical passion for our Lord Jesus amidst our community. Her level of energy, dedication, as well as her periodic moments of playful curiosity and trouble making will be sorely missed by all.

At first, Sr. Juana worked a minimal number of hours. In time, we found her service so effective as well as the nee

ds of the Hispanic Community growing so quickly that we needed to do whatever we could to increase her time at the parish. So, incrementally we increased her hours until she was full time. Sr. Juana has never sought out anything for herself, but truly desired to serve the community of St. Anthony's. I will always appreciate her candor when talking about issues as well as her clarity of faith in God's providential care for the community. She was never afraid to get directly involved with any needed project. She was all in. I know she worries about the future of the Hispanic Community when she lea

ves, but is also very aware of God's providential care. I have learned a lot from her including her desire to fight for justice and docility to the Spirit at work in the community.

Since the announcement of her departure was made known, we have been searching for a person who can follow

in her footsteps. We've posted ads all over, but have found it exceedingly difficult to find just the right person. It makes it all the more painful to realize how good we've had it with her as the Coordinator of Hispanic Ministry. Please pray for our Search Committee as we seek out her replacement.

On June 13th after our 5:30 pm Mass, all are invited to a potluck farewell party to say goodbye to Sr. Juana. More information will be forthcoming which I will add to the end of this blog when available. Keep your eyes peeled on our bulletin for more details.

Thank you, Sr. Juana, for all you've taught us. Thank you for your witness of service to our Lord. Thank you also for gently correcting my bad Spanish when I needed it... believe me I still need it.

Well done, good and faithful servant (cf. Matt. 25:23). Well done!


Fr. William Holtzinger