Dear Parishioners,

Once again, thank you for you amazing support and love for me and Fr. Paschal. We have felt very welcomed here in the past three weeks. In the process of moving in, it became apparent that not only was there need for deep cleaning of the parish house, but even beyond that, it became clear that basic maintenance had been deferred for many years. So, after consultation with various parishioners, I decided that we need to begin the process of fixing these issues as well as updating others. To that end, maintenance and remodeling work has begun. Some items will be rather involved while others are very small and could be remedied by the rallying of parishioners with specific skill-sets. At this point, the parish has footed the initial costs including new beds for the priests. Much of the subsequent work has been funded by private donors which includes myself. I am very aware of the financial situation of the parish and will do whatever I can to mitigate costs.

The parish house should be a place of re-creation for the priests, not a lavish vacation spot, but somewhere that the priests can go to be at peace as well as welcome guests such as family. Each of us can understand the importance of having a place we call home. The goal of this project will be to make the parish house a more inviting space for the clergy of our parish. I must admit that this project is a difficult one to propose since it immediately effects myself. But, I also know that any work done in a home is intended to increase the livability for the future. I believe that some things are in great need to be attended to before there is a safety issue or the cost of repair becomes exorbitant.

This is where you come in. I want to invite you to consider making a donation to the parish house renovation. As I said earlier, several parishioners have already made monetary gifts that have begun the project. I consider it only responsible that I do the same. But these gifts, though very gracious, won’t be sufficient to complete the project. We will not be creating new envelopes nor making a second collection, but instead, if you want to help me in this venture, I ask that you simply come to the office and make your offering there. The donated funds will be restricted solely for the parish house project.

Thank you so much for your amazing generosity. Your reputation has been proven to be very true. I look forward to many years of ministry with you. May God bless your kindness and fill you with amazing grace.


Fr. William Holtzinger