Dear Parishioners,

One month down and I am learning a lot in my new assignment. Being the pastor of three churches, one main parish and two missions, along with an associated school is an intimidating thing. However, the people are incredibly friendly and have been very helpful in the process of making me feel at home. I continue to meet with groups for what I am calling "Listening Sessions." In these meetings, I desire to understand the hopes and dreams of the faith community. One question that has come to me has been where people can have access to each week's homilies. Well, let me help you out.

As a geek, I don't simply publish the written text of my homilies. Instead, I publish the actual audio recording of the homily each weekend. This recording is called a podcast. It is kinda like a weekly radio show that one can listen to each week at their leisure. I've called the podcast, "The St. Anthony's Podcast." I've called it "St. Anthony," as he is my patron saint as well as confirmation name. It is something that one can "subscribe" to in order to receive it automatically. The main web site can be reached by clicking this link. If you prefer to subscribe to the podcast, you will need to have iTunes (download iTunes by clicking here). Once you have the application on your computer, then you can search the iTunes music store for my name (Holtzinger) or the "St. Anthony's Podcast." If you already have iTunes installed, then simply click the following link and you can subscribe to my podcast of homilies: St. Anthony's Podcast. This work is part ministry, part hobby.

I've also begun several other podcasts as well which include the "Mysteries of the Mass" podcast where I explain the various parts of the Mass and reflect on liturgical theology, the "Pilgrim Cast," where one can listen to the reflections done during my pilgrimage to the Holy Land in 2007, "Fr. Geek's Video Podcast," which is a variety of informative and funny videos, and "Catholic Talk," where one can listen to reflections by various theologians about the fiath. These are just just some of the podcasts I have produced. By clicking the links above, you can listen to individual episodes as well as subscribe to them via iTunes.

In the podcasting and geek community, a common logo is shared which indicates that either an audio or video podcast can be found. It is illustrated on the right. By clicking on simple icons such as these, one can have access to all sorts of wonderful and rich media. I subscribe to many podcasts, and in fact, I have almost stopped listening to the radio in general. I most especially love to listen to podcasts while driving long distances as it keeps me alert and I learn something while I'm driving. The best part about podcasts is that they are generally free.

Since 2005, I have been producing the St. Anthony's Podcast. I hope that my continuing endeavor to provide this ministry will enhance your own faith journey. If you have any questions or would like to contact me, I also have a listener feedback line: 503-213-3115.

Finally, don't hesitate to check out my recommended podcast page for other wonderful productions by others whom I highly recommend.


Fr. William Holtzinger