Dear Parishioners,

For many, the summer has ended as school has begun. That means our ministries are also in the process of beginning as well. In the course of my Listening Sessions, people have made it clear that they wish for more communication in order to know what is going on in the various ministries and how to get involved. There are many ways we will be trying to meet that desire.

First way we will try to increase our communication is the weekly bulletin. Starting last week and going forward, it has doubled in size in order allow for more information about more ministries to be published. Secondly, our parish has a Facebook and Twitter page whereby people with computers can get the latest information and have conversations about their lives and faith. Also, I have been working up a draft for a new version of our web page where these tools and others can be easily reached. All staff now have a consistent e-mail address which should make it easier to contact any of us. Our e-mail addresses now begin with the first letter of our first name followed by their full last name and end with our church internet name. For example, my new e-mail is The only exception to that rule is our office where the address is We will eventually put all this information on the cover of our bulletin.

In the coming weeks, I will offer a summary in the bulletin about the common themes I heard in the Listening Sessions. I will also be meeting with the Pastoral Council to reflect on these themes and how they resonate with our Parish Mission Statement and Pastoral Plan making changes if needed. Overall, the Listening Sessions were very positive and reflected an amazing amount of love, dedication, and participation on the part of parishioners in the varied ministries of the parish.

I look forward to the days ahead, and again ask your patience if somethings take a while to implement. Any changes can cause stress. I ask that you continually send to prayer the activities of our parish and especially the staff who are central to so many of these ministries. We may not always agree about how to accomplish something, but with greater communication, we will more likely be able to more fully understand our differences as well as commonalities. I pledge to do my best to communicate as much as possible with charity. I ask you to do the same.


Fr. William Holtzinger