Dear Parishioners,

After consultation with the Pastoral Council, recognizing that Three Rivers Hospital has ended their flu alert, and that Josephine County has ended their state of emergency regarding the flu, I am ending our own alert for St. Anne's, St. Patrick of the Forest, and Our Lady of the River.

Starting this weekend, Jan. 23/24, 2010, we will return to our normal liturgical actions which includes the return of offering the Precious Blood at Mass, shaking hands at the Sign of Peace, and relaxing the request about the form of receiving communion.

If, as common sense would dictate, a person feels sick or exhibits symptoms of illness which could be deemed as contagious, they should consider not coming to Mass. If someone is no longer contagious, but has the remnant symptoms of illness, say a cough or serious runny nose, I ask that they consider the sensibility of the community and refrain from receiving the cup or shaking hands with others. Again, common sense is the norm.

Thank you all for your patience with these Emergency Flu regulations that have effected our Liturgy these past several months.


Fr. William Holtzinger