Dear Parishioners,

This month, we will be hearing more about the Archbishop’s Capital Campaign. In the coming weeks, we will be showing a video about the campaign during Mass. Hopefully, it will bring to your attention the various needs that are trying to be met and encourage you to participate in whatever way you can.

I would like to highlight one aspect of the campaign and that is the funding of an endowment for seminary education. When I was a seminarian, I was very aware that the Archdiocese paid for my schooling, room, and board. That truly helped me focus on my studies and discernment. Imagine also having to worry about whether or not I could afford it. Today, that cost is $40,000/yr per seminarian.


Fr. William Holtzinger

The fund that has historically paid for these costs will be completely empty at the end of this year. It is Archbishop Vlazny’s desire to create a way to create a permanent and protected financial source to help pay for our seminarians’ education.

We all want good priests. Mount Angel Seminary, one of the main schools our men attend, is a fantastic institution which offers our men a top notch theological education and formation for priestly vocations. If this was the only part of the campaign, I’d still participate as we most definitely need more priests. Please bring this need to prayer. Ask how you can help participate in this campaign. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask me or Alan Crews, our Business Manager, about it.