Dear Parishioners,

The last two weeks have revealed unimaginable suffering in Japan in wake of the massive quake and resulting tsunami and nuclear crisis. Locally, we share in the suffering with the people on our own west coast who have felt the impact from the tsunami.

At this writing, I would recommend seeking out Catholic Relief Services as an effective way to help out the victims in Japan. CRS has mobilized resources and is offering opportunities for people to help financially. If you would like to make a donation to CRS for victim relief in Japan, click this link where an online donation can be made. CRS commits to “stand with [the people of Japan] in the months and years to come.” The American Red Cross ( or is also working to help victims in Japan and locally.

Also very important are your prayers and fasting, prayers for those who are still suffering and have died, fasting as a way to be stand in solidarity with the people of Japan and locally. May God comfort all the victims of this tragedy and give strength and endurance to those who are on-site rendering assistance.


Fr. William Holtzinger