In the continuing process to improve our physical plant, you will soon see a change in our signage in front of the Church. Instead of the multiple signs that are dispersed facing 10th

St., we will be replacing them with one sign which we hope will be more attractive and easy at read. As you read this, Jean Robertson, a parishioner at St. Patrick of the Forest in Cave Junction, is currently creating this sign, and we hope to have it in place at the end of the month. It will depend on her own work load a well as the time it takes to paint the sign and prepare it with UV coatings for long lasting wear against the sun. Her work with the new sign for St. Patrick’s was wonderful, and I am sure will see the same quality with our new sign.

Recently, we have seen many people give of their time and talent to some project or another to improve the Church grounds. Many are still doing so without any fanfare or great notice. I want to thank those people (you know who you are) for their generosity. St. Anne, indeed all three of our Churches, are in constant need of maintenance, and I am so proud whenever I see someone involved in the upkeep of our Church. Thank you all!


Fr. William Holtzinger