Dear Parishioners,

It is a time of change, something that many find sad or stressful, and for good reason. Yet, it is a time when doors close so that others may open.

Last week, I received word that Fr. Dominic will be reassigned to St. Michael's parish in Sandy along with it’s two missions. We have all come to love Fr. Dominic and the gifts that he has brought to our parish and are sad for his leaving. I am sure he will do a fantastic job, though I will worry about the amount of snow that Sandy receives and Fr. Dominic’s safety therein. Yet, I trust he’ll learn how to put on and drive with chains.

Also last week, I learned that we will be receiving Rodel de Mesa who will replace Fr. Dominic. On June 9th, Deacon Rodel will be ordained to the priesthood and will begin serving here on July 2. When I asked the Archbishop about Rodel, he immediately began to rave about the fantastic qualities he possesses. I look forward to his presence in our parish communities. Congratulations, Rodel!

With sadness, we offer our well wishes to Terry Knouff as she ends her tenure as our Coordinator of Faith Formation (CFF). She has been here at St. Anne’s organizing VBS, RCIA, and many other adult education events for many years. I wish her the best and encourage you to offer her your thanks for her selfless giving over these past years. With her departure, we will be looking for a new CFF as soon as possible. (See the ad in another section of this bulletin).

Finally, we say goodbye to Curt Healey. With almost 40 years of volunteer work as the former leader of music ministry in the past and as the current leader of the 11AM Music Group, Curt has decided to step down and pursue other ventures. His musical flair will be sorely missed.

Again, this is a season of many changes. But, I believe deeply that God has things in store that we know not, and that reality gives me reason to hope for the future. Please, when you see any of these people, make sure to let them know of your appreciation of their time and talent they have given to our faith communities and wish them well.


Fr. William Holtzinger