Once again summer is almost upon us and many are making their plans for vacation. Vacation, recreation, and rest are an important part of the spiritual life. We need to get away from our common work and environment periodically and allow God to refresh and renew us. I hope that your plans will do just that.

As part of any Catholic’s spiritual life, Mass is a critical aspect. Without Mass, we go without our Lord, in his sacramental presence, in our life. Traveling allows us all to visit other Catholic Churches and get a new view of the Mass as it is celebrated in other communities and cultures. Please make every effort to include Sunday Mass in your plans. The worst thing on vacation is to vacate God from our lives. This does just the opposite of what a vacation should do.

I’m always curious to see what other communities are doing. Each Catholic Church has a character of its own, yet maintains that which is most essential. Feel free to grab a bulletin from any churches you visit. I’d be curious to see what other parishes are doing as well. When you are done with the bulletin, feel free to drop it by the office so I can take a look. No need to leave your name. I’d just be encouraged to see what other parishes are doing. Maybe they can be a source of inspiration for us!

Finally, be safe on your vacation. Take God with you, and go to see God at Mass when you are there as well as en route. Plan for our Lord to journey along with you. Give God praise for all the amazing beauty you see and the people you meet. Finally, I pray that you will return safe and refreshed with a renewed sense of faith and life!


Fr. William Holtzinger