Dear Parishioners,

This month of June will mark the end of official ministry here for both Fr. José and Jessica McCormick. With all parting, there is sadness, and this time is no exception. In the weeks ahead, it will be important for us all to show our thanks and offer our prayers and blessings for them both. I write this now so we all have time to be active about saying goodbye.

Remember that the word, “goodbye” comes from the phrase, “God be with you.” This sentiment and prayer is perfect for ministers of the Church. Goodbye, however, can be a difficult thing for many. Yet, I want to encourage us to embrace it since it is a God-filled action. That’s right, saying “goodbye” is an action that should be faith-filled and full of abiding hope that one day we will see them again. It also speaks of a confidence that God has something new and good for our future.
It is a reminder of what Jesus promised us, that is that he will “not leave us orphans,” but instead give us “another Advocate,” that is the Holy Spirit. So, we need to take Jesus at his word and live it seriously. We need to have his commandments in our hearts and observe them. Such observations sometimes require us to say, “Goodbye.”


Fr. William Holtzinger