Dear Parishioners,

School has begun!  Fall is all most here (Sept. 22nd is the first day of Autumn), and changes are in the air! This 2016-17 school year will be one for the books, so-to-speak, and I am excited. Faith Formation and Youth Ministry are starting up.  Our capital campaign is also underway. There are countless dreams and hopes in our hearts.  There are also many hurts that still reside deep inside.  All of these things are opportunities… and I am not just being an optimist.  Why? Because, God is faithful!  He has plans for each one of us which will help us come to know him and experience him.  If we just let him in even more, if we subject our wills to his, we can be changed by the love and mercy of our Lord.

What plans do you have afoot for this coming school year?  How will you make a difference?  How will you give of yourself this year to help one other person?  How will you participate in the life of your faith community? What goals do you want to achieve? Who do you need to thank for what is going on in your life? Where do you need to seek out forgiveness for the hurts you’ve caused? What areas of weakness do you need to seek out God for strength?  Will you let go of that thing that is keeping you from Jesus?  We are St. Anne Catholic Church.  We are made up of broken people who seek to be empowered by the Holy Spirit to proclaim Christ’s loving mission.  So, pray!!  Let this new season be a time of refreshment and growth. And let us pray for each other, for there is much to be done, and it won’t happen as it needs to unless we keep ourselves focused on God! 


Fr. William Holtzinger