Dear Parishioners, friends, and families of St. Anne Catholic School,

This weekend, we hosted our annual auction for our school.  I write this column prior to the event, but I am sure it will be a great time for all who attend. I want to offer a big thank you to all those who spent countless hours preparing for the auction as well as to the companies, individuals, artisans, and the like who donated the items for the event.  It all goes to further the four-point mission we have for our children: “faith formation, scholarship, leadership, and service according to our Catholic values” (St. Anne Catholic School Mission Statement).  Our children are our precious jewels.  While we endeavor to raise them, they, in turn, inspire and challenge us back. In a culture so divergent from our Christian values, St. Anne School stands out as a beacon of hope. Next time you bump into one of our teachers, staff members, or especially any of our school families, thank them for the sacrifices they are making to raise our children in the faith. Let them know of your prayerful support. you might even want to take on or sponsor a family through prayer or financial assistance.  

Our school is a vital and vibrant ministry of the parish. Next school year, while the construction of the new church is underway, things will get messy.  Our school will be adapting to the sounds, sights, and activities that will be taking place literally next door to their classrooms. This will add some excitement, curiosity, and even stress in the classroom environment.  Some of the school’s necessary fundraisers will have to be rethought out and possibly moved to other venues.  So, again, keep them in your prayers. 

In conclusion, be mindful how important it is that we have a parish school.  Be prayerful towards the students, staff, and teachers. It is a ministry with a complex infrastructure that has a serious task to educate and inspire a coming generation of leaders.  Finally, I want to express my gratitude to Colleen Kotrba, our Principal, and Shawna Prestianni, our Office Manager, for their spirit-filled love and labor in our school.  Together, they are the glue that keeps it all together.


Fr. William Holtzinger