Dear Parishioners,

In the ongoing process of rebuilding our new church, there are things that we are still working on. In the spirit of letting everyone know about where we are on some things, I offer you these items to think about and pray about.

1. Confessional Update - We have installed acoustical paneling on the ceiling of each confessional which has really helped.  But, that is not sufficient.  The walls need acoustical abatement. So, at the time of this writing (Oct. 1), we are expecting a shipment of 2”-thick acoustical panels which will then need to be installed.  Once installed, I have confidence that this will make these rooms very quiet and private. Due to the extended dividers in the confessionals, a penitent who enters and desires to offer their confession face-to-face will be hidden from those outside of the confessional, rendering others from knowing if the confessional is occupied or not.  So, we will need to install some kind of additional system to let waiting penitents know that the confessional is available.

2. Votive Candle Tables - I have been asked by many people about this topic. In the process of setting up the church, we planned to put the votive candle stands back, yet we cannot find where they went after removing them from the old church. It is possible that we had a parishioner store them for us, but we don’t know if that is the case or who that was if so.  So, if you know where those stands are, please notify the office so we can arrange to have them picked up.  Thanks.

3. Audio-Video System Update - This past week, we got the camera behind the baptismal font working and on the network. You may have noticed one of our sound engineers walking and sitting about during Mass with an iPad. This iPad is networked to our digital mixer. This now allows the person managing the sound system to manage the system without the need to be sitting at the desk in the back. The desk will eventually be set aside on the North-facing wall and free up space behind the last pew. Next, we need to bring audio and video to the Cry Room, Bride’s Room, and Day Chapel. The speakers in the Narthex will also need to be connected to the audio system. Additionally, we need to install a larger screen for our projector and then tune the system to the specific acoustics  to the church nave (think seating area with pews). Our wireless system has extra antennas that will be mounted in the entry area of the church so as to increase the range of our wireless system to include places outside the front of the church. We also have plans to have speakers outside for folks to hear when we have ceremonies outside such as the Blessing of Fire at the beginning of the Easter Vigil Mass.  There are other details, but those are the highlights.

4.  Stations of the Cross - I am in an ongoing email dialogue with a vendor about the siz and costs of a specific set of Stations of the Cross that the Bazaar Guild agreed would be appropriate. At this time, I cannot nail down a cost, but will let everyone know once I do know. I am cautious that they will be ready in time for the first weeks of Lent.  

5. Outside St. Anne Statue - This has also been a topic of questions from many parishioners. The status and due date of delivery for this statue for our outside South-facing niche is not fully known. The actual artisan lives in Central America. We inquired via our vendor, and we received a list of projects the artisan is working on, ours being third on his list. So, we are discerning about our direction for this project. I recommend you send this to prayer.


Fr. William Holtzinger