Dear Parishioners,

This Sunday, we welcome Fr. Stephen Kenyon who is substituting for Fr. Arjie. You might remember that last Summer, we welcomed the same person, but he was called “Deacon Stephen” at that time. I look back at last summer with gratitude for Deacon Stephen’s presence in our parish. We were in the midst of the final throws of building our new church and I was overwhelmed with the responsibilities therein. Consequently, I found myself struggling to put together any homilies. Honestly, my capacity was so diminished in this regard that I questioned my capacity to offer anything in the way of a reflection at Mass. As providence would have it, Deacon Stephen, the only transitional deacon I have received for a Summer assignment, was able to preach homilies. So, not only did I encourage it, I asked him to take over almost all of my preaching duties for the month of July, and we were all the beneficiaries of his presence and spiritual insights. I was fed and renewed by his preaching, and many of you shared the same with me. So, let us thank Fr. Kenyon for coming, once again, to help us this weekend, though not just in preaching, but in offering us the sacrifice of the Holy Mass. It is a time to be grateful for his openness to God’s calling as well as his pastoral care for us all last summer. 

Thank you Fr. Stephen for saying yes to God’s call, and welcome back to St. Anne, even if for just a weekend.


Fr. William Holtzinger