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May Their Souls Rest In Peace

Dear Parishioners,

During the Month of November, the Church asks us to remember all those who have died. It is common for parishes to pay special attention to those who have died in their own communities in the past year. As such, we offer you the list of our own parishioners who have died since last November, and ask you to consider offering your own prayers during this month. May their souls and the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace.

Orlando Vigil, Richard Fuehrer, Mildred Watt, Gustave Rossknecht II, Mary Lentine, Edward Splean, Ole Blen- nov, Elnora Beaumont, Jeo Horak, Paul Bitting, Jr.. Vir- ginia Newman, Kathryn Wells, Robert Graves, Shirley Hendren, Albert Lampert, Cosmo (Corky) Ungaro, Mary Warner, Charlotta Schumacher, Leatonio Ponali, Rita Prive, Heather Horban, Verna O’Leary, Robin Hopson, Rose Marie Dister, John Rose, Lester Lanoux, John Gallo, John Winschel, Rex Linde, Franz Stossel, Higinia Logan, Hans Donath, Paul Litty, Ralph Johnson, Beverly Bish, Eleanor Rose, Margaret Willis, Idamae Sullivan, Mary Jane Armstrong, Thomas Graham, Peter Meier, Thomas Glennon, John Dark, and Michelle Linde.

Fr. William Holtzinger