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Dear Parishioners,

I want to thank you for your kindness and warm welcome given to Fr. Dominic. His first full week has come and gone. He has been exposed to many of the things that go on here, and is a lot! As you have seen, he is a very kind and gentle man whose love for the Lord is infectious. We are grateful to have him in our midst. Thank you also for all your assistance in the various ways you have helped him adjust to our community and culture. Please keep him in your prayers.

There is much for him to assimilate. Thank you to all who have helped him with transportation. He is currently preparing to get his driver’s permit and license. Soon, we hope, he will have a car with which he will be able to get himself to the various Churches, homes, etc. as part of his duties. Again, thank you all for your warm welcome. He has been deeply moved. Soon, expect him to offer some reflections here in the bulletin about his life, his time in ministry, and his experiences here.


Fr. William Holtzinger