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Year of Faith

Dear Parishioners,

In light of this Year of Faith I would like to recommend that we all make some conscious effort to do something new in order to more deeply grow in our faith.  Three such opportunities of which I would like you make you aware are upcoming retreats, Catholicism 101, and our series of movie showings.

Regarding a retreat,  our community has the opportunity to participate in Cursillo and ACTS retreats.  Both of them are similar in structure and have the intent of building up and deepening one’s faith.  Please watch the bulletin for the dates for these two retreats. I believe it to be the case that going on a retreat is a profound way to deepen one’s faith.  I know that is the case for me, for my annual retreat is an essential part of my spiritual growth.  Again, see the bulletin for details about these retreats.

Some of you may already know that I have been offering a monthly series called “Catholicism 101.”  Coincidentally, many parishes have encouraged to show Robert Barron’s “Catholicism” DVD series which we have been already doing.  I have been offering this once a month in the Parish Center between the 8 AM Mass and 11 AM Mass.  The actual dates vary due to my rotation in the liturgy schedule.  But we do our best to make sure that is advertised appropriately in the bulletin and in our online calendar.  I find these videos to be excellent.  In fact, I cannot think of a better video series, yet published, that presents the Catholic Faith in such a holistic way.

The third area that I would like to recommend is our showing of movies of faith.  The first movie will be “For Greater Glory.”  This feature film illustrates the historical struggle of religious freedom in Mexico via the Cristero War.  Mostly downplayed in history textbooks, the events of the movie reflect the sacrifice of some 90,000 people against the anticlerical Mexican government of the time.  Pope John Paul II canonized over two dozen saints and martyrs of the cause.  More recently, Pope Benedict XVI beatified  José Luis Sanchez de Rio who is characterized in the movie.  Make sure to see the bulletin for details on dates and showings.  Make sure, also, that you recognize the language in which the movie will be shown, for there will be English and Spanish showings of the movie.  Also keep in mind that this movie is geared for adults.  Any children or teenagers who wish to be present must be accompanied by their parent/guardian or express permission must be given by such guardian for the minor to be present.  Other future movies may not have such a caution attached to them, and will be more oriented towards younger people.  Ultimately, our hope is that families will be able to attend as a group.  As it turns out, many of our teenagers have already seen the movie, and the story of Blessed Luis Sanchez de Rio has also been discussed at youth nights.  As such, our teens desire to help promote this movie.  So, do not be surprised to see some of our teens wearing black T-shirts with an image of child Blessed José and the acclamation, “¡Viva Cristo Rey!” which means “Long live Christ the King!”  They will be selling them as a fundraiser for youth activities.  If you have any suggestions regarding possible movies to show, please talk to Jessica Bubien, our Pastoral Associate.

May this Year of Faith encourage you to seek out opportunities to grow in your faith.  May it help you to proclaim the Gospel with your life.


Fr. William Holtzinger