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There’s a Time to Read - 1 Hesitations 3:16

Dear Parishioners,

Last week I was taking some time off for a vacation. While relaxing, I had the opportunity to do some reading. I read two good books that I recommend: “Sinner: The Catholic Guy’s Funny, Feeble Attempt to Be a Faithful Catholic” by Lino Rulli and “Catholics Next Door: Adventures in Imperfect Living” by Greg and Jennifer Willits. I found both fun, educational, and inspiring.

Lino has a way of being brutally honest about his imperfections and sinful nature, thus the title. This is not a book of piety, but of refreshingly honest personal introspection. It is another version of Augustine’s Confessions, but done in a much easier and conversational way of writing. Lino, however, is no St. Augustine. He readily admits that. He knows he is still work in progress. This book is intended for the young adult. It is relatively short; I read it in one evening.

Greg and Jennifer’s book is also very contemporary, funny, and also very revealing of their successes failings as parents. While they recommend it for all, I think it is best suited for parents or parents-to-be. It is not a how-to book, but an back and forth dialogue about a Catholic couple who struggle to live their lives as Catholic parents. Their book is full of anecdotes, confessions of failed attempts as a couple and parents, heart-warming testimonies of the faith, and creative ways to live out one’s Catholic faith in a culture set against being a Catholic family. At times they lifted up my hope and other times I found myself praying for Greg and Jennifer and their family. The truth is that being a Catholic family is hard. Greg and Jennifer are honest with the successes and failures. I know them a bit from our shared podcasting expereiences and can attest that they are not faking their way through this book.

If you are looking for additional Catholic reading that is funny yet strives for faithfulness, I recommend these books. Of course, I hope you are reading Matthew Kelly’s “Rediscovering Catholicism” which, through generous donations, have been made available for free the last two weeks after Mass.

By the way, if you were wondering why you couldn’t find the book of Hesitations referenced in the title of this article, it’s because you need to read another important book more... your Bible... there is no book of Hesitations! Enjoy!


Fr. William Holtzinger