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The Big Push:"Commitment Weekend"

The Big Push:"Commitment Weekend"

Dear Parishioners,

Did you know that our Honoring our Past - Building Our Future capital campaign has three goals? 

1. Raise a minimum of $2.5 mil.,
2. To reach a challenge goal of $3 mil., and finally
3. To give everyone an opportunity to participate in any way they can to this important campaign.

If you check out our thermometers in our narthexes, you will see that we have met goal #1.  Yea!  Thank you to all who have made it possible. This coming weekend, we can make a strong push for goals #2 and #3.

This weekend is called “Commitment Weekend.”  It is one of our biggest moments where I am asking that everyone that has not already made a financial commitment to our capital campaign, to do so.  By heading over to the Parish Center after Mass, you will be able to speak with a campaign volunteer who will guide you in making your pledge. It is not a negotiation, but a time to graciously and gratefully receive whatever gift you decide upon to give.  Even if you have not yet decided on how you will give, please still speak to a campaign volunteer in order to let us know.  Why you might ask?  Well, after all the Masses in the afternoon, we will then make an effort to go visit the homes of those whom we have not yet heard from in regards to the campaign.  So, if you prefer that nobody come to your home, please stop by the Parish Center after Mass and let us know.  Again, our goal is to try to have personal contact with every parishioner we can so as to make sure that everyone has a chance to get involved in this amazing project.

If you have any questions, again, going to the Parish Center will connect you with a campaign volunteer who will help answer your questions.  

Thank you all for your amazing generosity!  The community of St. Anne has done it again!


Fr. William Holtzinger