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Listening Sessions Overview

Dear Parishioners,

In the first several months of my arrival, you may remember that I hosted a series of what I called “Listening Sessions.” After nine sessions, three churches, and with over one hundred in participation, I presented a summary of these sessions to the Pastoral Council. My intent was to try to meet as many parishioners as possible, to get a sense of the community, and finally to understand the parishioner’s hopes and dreams. I heard many ideas. Some were repeatedly mentioned while others were only brought forward once or twice. In order to keep my summary succinct, I offer you an abridged summary of the most commonly mentioned topics.


St. Anne’s has gentrified over the years
Great desire to bring in more young people especially families into the parish.
Desire to have greater overall involvement in the parish.
Want more opportunities for Adult Education
Want to know more about those who are sick or have died in the community
Increase visibility through the newspaper


Continue inviting back those who have left the church, ie. Welcome Back Catholics program
Desire to have more “small church communities” like Disciples in Mission program Renew
Parish Nursing ministry
Desire for youth to be more involve and visible
Renew, recruit, and reorganize communion ministry to the homebound
Renew Human Concerns Committee Reorganize R.C.I.A

Church Building

Renew efforts to complete deferred maintenance
Improve lighting in the church
Improve intelligibility of sound system
Renew/Revisit church renovation plan


More involvement desired, esp. young people involved
Want a youth/teen/family-oriented Mass
Renew music - desire for new/more lively music - include more instruments
Desire to be more welcoming at Mass
Increase reverence in church (concern about talking & dress code)
Desire to move announcements to the end of Mass
Consider moving location the choir due to distraction
Want more prayers for veterans and service personnel


Want more unity between parish and school
Desire better communication between school and parish
Desire that financial issues be reviewed and solved


Increase participation in Perpetual Adoration, esp. youth
Increased coordination between ushers and nurses at Mass when emergencies arise
Desire for a regular 12:05 Mass at St. Anne
Desire for additional priest & Sunday Mass at Cave Junction
More Youth involvement at Cave Junction and Rogue River
Desire for Saturday Eve. Mass in Rogue River
Like to have bells at Mass
Desire to be thanked more
Would like to know which priest will be doing which Mass

Again, this list is not intended to reflect everything mentioned, but rather a highlight of the most commonly mentioned topics. All this information is important for our pastoral planning, a prayerful process which turns parish vision into reality. In the months and years ahead we will take measured steps, refine our mission, identify pastoral priorities, set goals and objectives, and revise our Pastoral Plan. Both Pastoral and Administrative councils are truly needed for this process, and I will continually look to them for this process. If you have any questions regarding this information, please don’t hesitate to talk with me or any member of the Pastoral Council.


Fr. William Holtzinger