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Confessions of a Macoholic

As many of you know, I am a Macoholic and I struggle to work the Twelve Steps. I'm not sure there is a problem and I haven't found a higher-powered computer platform for commercial use. So, each year feed my addiction/sickness by going on vacation. But, this is not any ordinary vacation. My vacation surrounds the annual Mac World Expo. Each year I pack up my car and take along my 80-ish yr. old mom and we travel down to the Bay Area to stay with one of my sisters. This year, my mom's new husband will be joining us. He has a Macintosh, but hasn't experienced this side of his new family!

This year, Apple will not be present. Therefore, the expo itself is smaller and geared more towards conferences and classes. But, we just love to walk around the expo floor gawking at all the vendors' new wares. During our travel, we listened to the previously recorded keynote address by Steve Jobs announcing the new iPad. This was followed by a heavy dose of commentary and podcasts of other people's commentaries. Oh, yes. We are a sick bunch.

This year we had it all planned out. We were geared for going to the expo on Tuesday only to find out that we failed to read our Macworld Expo registrations which explained that the expo doors don't open until Thursday. After we both laughed off our silly mistake, we have re-adjusted our schedule to make sure our pilgrimage would not be in vain. So in the extra day we had, I, Mom, and my step-dad (this is his first experience of our crazed behavior) took a trip to the Jerusalem of the computer world: 1 Infinite Loop, also known as Apple Inc. in Cupertino. Ah! The joy of visiting the mother ship. They don't offer tours and while there is a visitors entrance, it is intended for work-only visitors, not us Mac-fans. It makes sense. Being that Apple is so secretive about everything they do, I can only imagine the security issues that weirdoes like us could cause.

What goodies will we see? What amazing technology are being released and shown to the public for the first time? Who knows? In fact, because this year's expo will be smaller, fewer vendors will be present. Some have predicted that this would be the end of the expo. Without Apple and its famous announcements that have always hovered around Mac World Expo, this year could turn out to be a total dud. Will it be the last one? Again, who knows? Something in me says it won't be, as Apple-fans are not like your typical computer users. Dare I say that it is not a computer, but a cult. Only time will tell.

But as for me and my house, I will go to Macworld Expo 2010, Mom and step-dad in tow. I hope it isn't a totally disappointing expo. One thing is for sure, I am enjoying my time with family. If nothing else, they are great with whom to spend time.


Fr. William Holtzinger