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Jesus, Fill Our Hearts

Dear Parishioners,

It's great to be back from vacation.  Apparently, Fr.  Manuel invited you to come visit me, but I must have somehow missed you since I saw no parishioners the whole time.  Darn!  We could have had so much fun. Even though you didn't join me, I can report that I had a great time doing what I love the most: camping.  I began by spending a couple days as Crane Prairie Reservoir, followed by five days at Beverly Beach just North of Newport, and then returned to Central Oregon for a couple days at Hosmer Lake (a kayaker's paradise).  In all, I am so appreciative of God's amazing creation here in Oregon.  

While I was gone, I prayed for our parish and missions and thanked Him for all the amazing things happening at our communities. Specifically at St. Anne's, I was so appreciative of all those inspired to give of their time and talent to make Vacation Bible School the great success it was. Specifically, I want to thank Nancy Trahern and her army of volunteers.  Thank you!  You inspired me.  While I was gone, Natalie Scott took a band of adults and teens to Steubenville NW at Gonzaga University.  While away, she texted me with reports of the amazing things God was doing.  One word: Wow!  If you are fortunate enough to attend the right Mass where a teen was able to offer their testimony this weekend, you will know exactly what I'm talking about.  Thank you to all who made this event a possibility for our teens!

Two weeks ago, after a very involved process, we selected out new Pastoral Associate, however we are running into many road blocks with the process of immigration since she is a native of Canada.  I've never been personally involved with these processes nor are all of the steps well spelled out. What we were hoping would take a couple weeks is now, as I write this, looking to take much longer.  So, I ask you to please pray that God will clear the path so we can move forward.  When such clarity and finality is made, I will make every effort to introduce her to you.  In the meantime, please pray!

Finally, I want to proclaim that God is moving and the Spirit is inspiring many people.  I hope you can see and join in this movement wherever you see it.  A renewal of people seeking out His heart is evidenced by a stunningly large number of people who attended our last RCIA Inquiry gathering.  It can't be explained by anything other than God's work.  

Come Lord Jesus!  Fill our hearts and make us new according to your plan.  Heal our wounds and lift us up to be people of joy.  May all our thoughts and and actions be submissive to your will.  May we give you all the glory! 

Thank you all for responding to the Spirit.  Let us be afire with the love of God!


Fr. William Holtzinger