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New Assignments

New Assignments

Dear Parishioners,

Deacon Stephen Kenyon

Beginning June 9th, we will be welcoming Deacon Stephen Kenyon who, as a seminarian, will be spending 8 week of this Summer with us, gaining experience and knowledge of pastoral ministry in a parish setting.  He was ordained for our archdiocese on May 19th by Archbishop Sample at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Portland

Dcn. Stephen is a “transitional” deacon as compared to Dcn. Bob who is a “permanent” deacon. Their titles give the sense that they are similar and different.  Both are truly ordained as deacons.  Both are part of the hierarchy of the Church: deacon, priest, and bishop. The difference is that Dcn. Stephen is studying and preparing for priestly ministry where Dcn. Bob was ordained to remain a deacon. Their faculties are similar (baptisms, weddings, funerals, assisting at Mass, offering a homily), but Dcn. Stephen will be engaging in preaching more so and shadowing the priests during his time with us. For the most part, you will see him accompany me at Mass while Dcn. Bob will be helping our other priests during Dcn. Keynon’s time with us.

Please pray for Dcn. Stephen as he journeys closer to that day of his ordination in June of 2019.  I am sure he will experience the warm welcome and encouragement which is part of our mission as a parish. I look forward to getting to know Dcn. Stephen and help him on his way to greater service in our archdiocese. 

Father Arjie Garcia

Beginning July 1, we will be receive Fr. Arjie Garcia as our new Parochial Vicar.  Previously, he was assigned as the Parochial Vicar at Shepherd of the Valley in Central Point and St. Anthony in Tigard. According to his online biography, Fr. Arjie was born in 1985 in the Philippines, he is the oldest of four children. He began studying for the Archdiocese of Portland at Mount Angel Seminary in 2010 and was ordained by Archbishop Sample with Fr. Tetzel

I have had many interactions with Fr. Arjie while he was at Shepherd of the Valley, and I look forward to serving with him as priests for St. Anne and her missions, Our Lady of the River and St. Patrick of the Forest. Again, please pray for Fr. Arjie and give him the warm welcome for which we are known.

Fr. Tetzel Umingli

As many of you may now know, Fr. Tetzel will be heading to St. Paul Parish in Silverton, a suburb East of Salem and minutes from Mount Angel. This will allow Fr. Tetzel to complete his work on his masters degree without the issue of travel from Grants Pass. We will be hosting a farewell party for Fr. Tetzel on June 27th at 6:30 PM at the Kelly Youth Center. He will be departing either than night or early the next morning. It has been a blessing to us all to have Fr. Tetzel with us these past two years. Join me in prayer to help him in his new parish assignment. 


Fr. William Holtzinger