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Adoration Chapel

Dear Parishioners,

Among the many wonderful things about our parish, one that stands out is our Adoration Chapel. It was started 18 years ago today with the blessing of Fr. Karl Schray under the leadership of Vernon Snyder. Since then, countless hours of prayer have been offered, many done with great sacrifice with regards to the late-night time slots. Having my office right next to the chapel has been a blessing. Not only is it convenient to go prayer there even if for a few minutes, but I have been blessed by seeing the constant flow of traffic which always inspires me.

For years, Rex Titus, who just passed away, had been leading the Adoration Committee. He heroically would not only help people find substitutes when they couldn’t make their assigned time slot, but would personally take their place if no substitute could be found. This quickly became such a burden that he couldn’t continue doing that. He also desired to step down, but nobody wanted to take his place with the responsibilities that Rex assumed. Many slots were hard to fill and people continued to struggle to find a substitute. After many meetings with Rex about this situation, I proposed and commissioned the creation of a tabernacle that would house the monstrance for adoration. This special tabernacle not only was a work of art, but a work of prayer with icons written on its doors by Patti Sorge. Now, if someone cannot find a substitute, the adorer prior to that empty time slot can choose to add another hour or close the tabernacle doors and leave.

Today, I would like to make all aware of what is currently going on and how some of the issues therein are being met. First of all, with Rex’s blessing, the affirmation by many, and my own encouragement and blessing, Michael Bird has stepped up to be the chair of the Adoration Committee. In addition, new piece of software is being set up which will allow for accurate and easy scheduling to be done, akin to our liturgical ministers scheduling software. With this software, the latest schedule will always be easily found online at our website. If one needs a substitute, one will be able to request help by a simple online request which will blast out an email to those whose system profiles might be available to fill in. Once someone receives the email, a simple click of a link in the email will secure the substitute for the needed position. We are seeking out the use of an iPad which will be secured outside of the chapel for anyone to check the schedule and/or request a substitute or respond to a substitute request. We have a computer on the counter in the parish office which also is available for this purpose. The Adoration Committee consisting of Steve Voehl, Christine Murphy, and Rosemary Monette will be meeting with Michael Bird to get familiar with this new system and plan for a campaign for new volunteers to spend time in the Adoration Chapel.

I want to encourage you, especially if you have never been to our chapel, to spend some time in quiet prayer before the Blessed Sacrament. We all need more quiet time in listening prayer before our Lord. With all the busyness about us, it is hard to settle our hearts and minds. But, I believe you will find it a rewarding experience. Even if you cannot commit to an hour in the adoration schedule, maybe you could sign up to be an on call substitute through the new software. I frequently see adorers come to the chapel and spend just a few minutes, then go on with their day. What a wonderful thing, no? Keep your eyes and ears peeled to more announcements about the goings on of our Adoration Chapel as well as a sign-up drive. Thank you to all who have given so selflessly in prayer for our community and the needs of others via this amazing ministry in our parish.


Fr. William Holtzinger