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New Roman Missal Preparation

Dear Parishioners,

This month we begin in earnest to learn and practice parts of the new Roman Missal so that by the first weekend of Advent (Nov. 26/27) we will officially implement the entire Roman Missal at all our Masses and Churches.

With the new translation coming to our communities, we priest feel that it is a fantastic opportunity to teach the faithful about the Mass. We will take the time normally reserved for the homily to teach about the theology and praxis (think liturgical gestures and behaviors), the new actual new responses and other changes due to the new Roman Missal, and allow the music groups to teach the musical arrangements using the new translation. The U.S. Bishops have allowed parishes to begin implementing the musical settings beginning in September which means if you travel around the country, various parishes will be at different stages of learning and implementation. No worries.

For our part, you should notice that the new music books are already in place (a month earlier than normal) and a laminated pew card with the common responses in the new translation will be in the pews as well to help you. When Advent comes, the missalettes will be changed out, and we should be ready to go.

I highly recommend that if you want to learn more about the new Roman Missal that you go to my web site,, on your computer to listen to talks and discussions from Fr. Jeremy Driscoll, O.S.B., a monk and priest of Mount Angel Abbey and a member of the Vox Clara Committee who was instrumental in the actual job of translating the texts from the Latin.


Fr. William Holtzinger