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Welcome Home Catholics

Christ is Risen!

Dear Friends,

Happy Easter! I hope you and your family are together enjoying a wonderful day celebrating our Lord’s resurrection. As Catholic Christians, Easter is actually a season. Even more so, Easter is our point of reference for our entire life, for we believe that since Jesus died and rose again, we too, can overcome our deaths in our life and ultimately rise with him. Christ’s resurrection has opened the gates of heaven for those who believe.

Easter is also a time when we recognize that we can be forgiven for our sins. It is a time when we also recognize that we have sinned against other people and need to seek out forgiveness. As a church, we wish to express our heartfelt sorrow for any wrongdoing we may have done. As the pastor, I too, wish to ask for forgiveness if I have hurt you in any way. The Catholic Church is your home. It is here that you should be able to find healing through Christ.

If you’ve been away for some time, please consider returning back home to your family of faith. Each year at this time, we begin a process called “Welcome Home Catholics.” It’s a process, whereby people who have been away for awhile are reintroduced to the church, her sacraments, and most especially, can have answered any questions they have without criticism or judgment. We simply want to welcome you home for Easter.

So, may the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ bring you deep and everlasting joy!


Fr. William Holtzinger