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Live Life!

Dear Parishioners,

The days are getting longer and temperatures warmer. The grass is growing longer and the gardens are starting to come alive. Spring has sprung, and with it, the reminder that God’s love is renewed each day (cf. Lam. 3:21-23).

In the days ahead, let us shake off our lethargy and get outside and enjoy the beauty around us. Turn off the TV and get out if you can. Take your dog for a walk. Do some gardening. Go jogging. Play frisbee golf or ride your bike. Go for a scenic drive around the area. We have such beautiful mountains and rivers. Go fishing or just dangle your feet in the water and you sun yourself. Go treat yourself out for a yogurt or ice cream. Pack a picnic and head out to the local park. Watch a baseball game. Get out the BBQ and enjoy a relaxing dinner with family and friends. There’s so much to see and do. Many people are beginning to make plans for vacation for the summer. I’m going to make sure to go camping as well as go on my annual trek to Eastern Oregon to do some star gazing at the Oregon Star Party.

What are you going to do? What gives you life? What have you been wanting to do, but have been putting it off? These ideas do not all require a large financial expenditure. Being creative is key. Some people have even done stay-cations (think stay-home-vacation).

Life is to be lived and enjoyed. Give thanks and praise to God for his amazing creation. Do not let the bad news around you dominate your energy. Taking out “sabbath time” is a critical way to be holy and healthy. It is important that we not only work, but that we rest, recreate, and enjoy the gifts that God has given us. Share your stories and joys with others. Some times too busy is too busy. I always struggle with this myself. But, year after year, God renews his beauty around us and our spirits are lifted. I am looking forward to the warm weather and blue skies. This is a gift of living in Southern Oregon. Let us enjoy rejoice and be glad in it!


Fr. William Holtzinger