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God And Black Holes

God And Black Holes

Dear Friends,

This past week, an important confirmation of Einstein's theory of General Relativity was confirmed, namely the existence of gravity waves. It was done by using special instruments on Earth to detect the colliding and merging of two black holes. The moment of their collision was detected as a chirp on a recording.  This event, scientists are saying, caused a ripple in space-time that was 50 times greater than the output of all the stars in the universe combined!  That, my friends, is a big deal. Some are calling this the greatest breakthrough in physics since Galileo pointed his telescope into the sky

Previously, all astronomy has been done using instruments that could detect electromagnetic energy, specifically those things that luminesce or light up the sky such that telescopes could see them.  What we have not been able to see are objects that do not luminesce and are dark.  But, with new instruments that can detect a different signature, gravity, potentially new telescopes will be able to see these hidden things as well as "see" deeper and therefore longer ago in the universe.

Once again, the heavens proclaim the glory of God! Who knows what amazing things we will discover with such a confirmation and instruments sensitive enough to detect this distant objects.  I just reminds me of how small we are, how amazing it is that we can create such technology, how massive our universe is, and how amazing it is that God created it all for us to discover. I give praise to God for giving us minds to think and abilities to create such technology. Hopefully soon we will be able to discover things we never knew about our place in the Cosmos. Knowing about our universe helps us know more about God, for all that God has created says something about him.  In addition, knowing more about our universe helps us understand our place in it, how relatively tiny we are and how radical God's love is that he would place us in the universe .  It continues to demonstrate that God doesn't just love the big  and flashing things he made, but also us, his small and tiny persons which he endowed with reason and the freedom discover the place in which we live.  It also reminds me how awesome and great heaven must be if this existence as we are coming to know it is already amazingly beautiful and deep with mystery.  

Here is a video that explains this discovery in simple words...