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Merry Christmas!

Dear Parishioners,

Merry Christmas! It is my prayer that the amazing love of God who gave his only begotten Son to us will rest upon your hearts. By this, may your Christmas be full of the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Among the many things that have blessed us is the presence of our new Coordinator of Youth Ministry, the addition of many new Catholics during the Easter Vigil, a hugely successful Spring Clean-up Day, the creation of a new liturgical Environment Committee, the beginning of a new Grounds Maintenance Committee, and so many other moments where the community came together to help those in need. Again, looking back, I consider it a true privilege to be your pastor.

I now begin to look forward to the, yet to be seen, miraculous happenings of God in our midst as has been the case this past year. Thank you to all who have been part of the incredible things that have been part of the life of St. Anne.

If there is anything I can do, anything that I need to apologize for, anything where I have fallen short, or any way that I can help, please let me know. Let us then pray for each other now that Christmas is upon us. May the remembrance and celebration of the birth of our Savior bring you joy and peace.


Fr. William Holtzinger