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Dear Parishioners,

Last week I offered two different presentation. The first was on the new Roman Missal. The second was on Pope John Paul’s Theology of the Body. I’d like to offer a couple thoughts about those topics.

First, the new Roman Missal. Maybe you are aware, but then maybe not. So, it is important to know that the prayers and texts we use during Mass (not including the scripture readings) are going to be changing a bit. In 2001, the Church published a document, Liturgiam Authenticam, which spelled out new guidelines for translating liturgical texts. One of those guidelines called for a more literal translation from the original Latin. As it turns out, our English translation of our Sacramentary is not a literal, but a more more loose translation, specifically called a “dynamic equivalence” translation, from the Latin original. Other major language groups are more literal, and therefore are in the great need, as we are, to have our liturgical books revised. Another issue is that many smaller language groups use our English translation to derive their own. So, by the time they have their books translated, there is a real potential of being quite removed from the original Latin. So, a new translation has been created after much discussion and debate, and we will begin using that new translation at the beginning of this coming Advent. You can learn what is changing by visiting the U.S. Bishop’s web site ( In addition, I will hold a repeat reflection (date TBA) about the new missal. You can also visit one of my web sites ( and listen to Fr. Jeremy Driscoll, OSB who was one of the translators. Finally, in the weeks just prior to the change, we will be taking out special time in our homilies to explain, review, practice, and learn the new parts that you will need to say.

Secondly, I want to thank all the adults, parishioners, and parents who supported our five week journey through the Theology of the Body series during our Youth Ministry nights. We spent five weeks in a row, yes even including Superbowl Sunday, learning and discussing the meaning of our bodies in light of Pope John Paul’s catechetical program of sex and marriage. A week prior to that, I offered an adult crash course so that parents, engaged couples, and anyone else could learn the basics for their own lives. I pray that the things we talked about will be seminal points of reference for all who attended these important workshops. Your support and prayers made the entire experience a huge success. If you want to learn more on your own, visit and you can order a variety of media right from the web site.


Fr. William Holtzinger