Dear Parishioners,

What's New on the Web?
For some time now, I've been recording my homilies and posting them on my web page as well as making them available as a free subscription through the iTunes Music Store. Additionally, I've been working monthly on the above liturgical calendar which I've named the Liturgical Calendar Live!© I've made it so that your web browser will check the day and thendisplay the saint of the day or other memorial or feast of the Church. It's geared for our Archdiocese which means that it doesn't show other local celebrations, just universal ones and those specific for our region. I've also set out to create a simple web page which offers a popouri of news items that specifically merge faith with technology or in some way connect these two together. That web site is called "Geek is Good. God is Better", or for the more internet saavy.

Jesus, Mary, and Da Vinci
The book, "The Da Vinci Code," will soon be coming out in the theater and I think it's important for Catholics to be informed as to what is true, false, or some shade of grey within the book. Consequently, I've been preparing three different presentations for our adult education ministry entitled, "Jesus, Mary, and Da Vinci." Hysteria should not be our reaction, but rather education. In the past when controversial movies or books have been released, I have noticed that the Church's reaction has simply caused the story to become even more popular. Moderation may be more of what we need. If you are planning on going to the movie or read the book, I would urge you to read one of the many books which offer correction to the shoddy research done by the author, Dan Brown. I highly recommend The Da Vinci Hoax by Carl Olson and Sandra Miesel. There are also some helpful links on as well as a large set links on our web site,

Italian Dinner
Finally, our 24th Annual Italian Dinner is approaching very soon. I encourage you to plan on coming to the parish or swinging by our drive-thru for the latest in pasta and meatballs. Mmm. They make my mouth water as I write this. Anyhow, there are many opportunities to volunteer. Our web site, once again, has many of these listed out. Tickets are available through our web site or you can just come to the office any Monday through Thursday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. We will also be offering wine from Shafer Vineyard Cellar Wines an, of course, our wonderful Bazaar of homemade baked goods and crafts. This is truly a labor of love by so many at our parish. Please come and enjoy the food and fellowship.


Fr. William Holtzinger