Dear Parishioners,

Thank you to all who gave of their time to the 24th Italian Dinner and all the festivities surrounding it. A big thank you needs to go to Becky Pettit and her chairpersons. Without them, it simply couldn't have happened. The Italian Dinner has traditionally been our moment to show what is great about St. Anthony's: the people! Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. Heck, with a plate of linguini and the fixin's, who could frown? From a pastor's point of view, I just love the Italian Dinner. It not only warms my heart, but my tummy too. Each year I am amazed at the turn out of people who spend their time to make the event what it is. Service is at the heart of the Gospel, and so too with the Italian Dinner. To observe everyone working together is truly inspirational. I am so proud of all of you who served in what ever capacity you could whether out in the public eye or behind the scenes. You inspire me!

I'd like to especially thank those who continued their tradition of helping out in the roles they have become so accustomed to whether that was in serving, cleaning, setting up, taking down, doing the accounting, cooking, food preparation, sign making, etc. You are our faithful veterans. Thank you also to those who were new to the whole thing. There was a wonderful outpouring of new faces who heard the call and responded. Thank you to all who donated the fruits of their talents to the Bazaar. It's amazing to see all the hand-crafted items that were created with love. The addition of our own home-spun entertainment was truly a delight! The religious gift store peaked many people's interest too. There was even talk about having an enhanced store throughout the year.

So, the clean up is done, people are massaging their feet and backs, and Becky and her chairpersons need to rest. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I love St. Anthony's and all that happens here. As I have said before, this is truly the crown jewel of the archdiocese. Today is a day to lift our heads in celebration. We did it. The Italian Dinner has once again brought out the best in us all. Thank you!

Now, we have meatballs to sell.


Fr. William Holtzinger