Dear Parishioners,

The Heat Is On
Recently, we have been suffering through hot days in the high 90's and even 100's. As I write this, the weather service tells me that the high today was 106 degrees. That is very hot. As such, I abbreviated parts of the Mass as was appropriate this weekend. Yes, I am capable of a short homily. Whoo hooo! I'm glad that none of our celebrations were during the peak of any of this heat.

With our eyes on the weather, I've decided to add a weather widget to my home page. It defaults to Forest Grove, but you can add any zip code to get the temperature of the city of your choice. I will eventually put it at the bottom of this web page. Check it out.

Update On New Cathedra
As I mentioned in my previous blog (click here for previous blogs), we have set in motion to replace the presider's chair and server's chairs in our sanctuary. The decision has been made and the chairs have been picked out and paid for. Below you will see how the chairs will look. The center chair, the cathedra, will have a crown back with a cross on it (see photo below on right). We should receive these chairs in four to six weeks. The fabric will be red, though not a solid as seen in these photos. The reason behind this is to hide any possible stains in the future. The Liturgy Committee chose the wood stain color to match our altar and the fabric to contrast the back of the sanctuary. I am very excited to replace the chairs we have so faithfully used for so many years. I believe you will agree that these new chairs will be dignified replacements.


Fr. William Holtzinger