Dear Parishioners,

School is In
Each year when I was a student I recall having dreams of forgetting where my classes or locker were or what my locker combination was. As a teacher, I would dream that my classes were completely out of control and in a state of anarchy. Ah, dreams! Thank goodness that they were only that. As the schol year begins, our minsitries begin to wind up. If you have children or teens in your family, now is the time to connect with our Coordinators of Faith Formation for the young ones and our Coordinator of Youth Ministry for your teens. We also have opportunities for adult faith fomration. I'll be teaching a series of classes on Christology through the Archdiocese. While people can take it for credit towards a certificate in ministry, folks can also simply audit the class for their own personal faith formation.

Thank You!
This past month, our parish put on a rummage sale. It was a wonderful success! Thank you to all of you who spent so much time making it work. The outcome of the revenue will be directed towards out needs in personnel. From reports I've heard, it was more than just a fund raiser, it was also a friend-raiser. It was an opportunity for St. Anthony's to come together and work towards a common goal. It was also a form of connection with the larger community of Forest Grove and beyond. Many charities were also able to come and receive things free of charge to help them in their work.

Parish Picnic
One of our annual fun gatherings I always look forward to is our annual parish picnic sponsored by the Pastoral Council. The weather is going to be nice and I hope that you can come. I thouroughly enjoy seeing everyone in a different environment with their families. There will be games and lots 'o food. Bar-b-que hamburgers and hotdogs will be offered in addition to whatever items you plan to bring. Bring on the nitrates!


Fr. William Holtzinger