Hello All ,

Geek is Good!
As many of you know, I am a real geek. I love technology and how it makes our lives more enjoyable. Recently, I purchased a product called the AppleTV. It's pretty cool. My hope is that it will bring Catholic media into the living room. What do I mean? Well, there are many different programs on Apple's iTunes which can be downloaded for viewing. With the AppleTV, audio and video content produced by Catholics can be distributed for dowload and sent to this device which, in turn, will put it on your TV. It's pretty cool... Did I already say that? If you're not sure what I mean, then check out the YouTube video link below to see my little 'ol video podcast on this very subject. I made it in cooeration with a non-profit Catholic internet production group called the SQPN or Starquest Production Network. One of our goals is to offer Catholic content that speaks to the generation of people that are most found on the Internet. If the YouTube version of my video is unsatisfactory, you can try these links instead:

AppleTV Format (Large -158 MB)
iPod Format (small - 48 MB)

I'm hoping to do some more video podcasts about my life as a priest. They take quite a bit of work to produce, but as time permits and inspiration offers, I hope to give some more videos on top of my already, almost 100-long episode podcast, The St. Anthony's Podcast. I hope you enjoy this little detour from ministry and learn something about technology along the way.

Fr. William Holtzinger