"Fr. Geek"
April 11, 2007

New Video Podcast
This week I have been on vacation, and althought the weather has been rather poor... rained each day, it has gaven me the chance to take some time to get a way from the hurried pace of parish-work and ponder on feeding the geek-side of my life. As things would have it, I've been discussing the possibility of creating a new podcast for the SQPN or Starquest Production Network. Fr. Roderick, the founder, recommended I call it Fr. Geek. Several recent podcasts I have created have been ones that included video. So, I took some time to discern what direction I should go. Thus was born, Fr. Geek's Video Podcast. It will be video content directed for users of the AppleTV, but will still be viewable straight from one's web browser. I will be exploring technology, it's use in Church work, how it can effect liturgy, and the like. You can already subscribe via iTunes or subscribe directly to the feed using another as you read this.

New Coordinator of Youth Ministry
Just this past week, our parish received word of an upcoming gift in the person of Deborah Francisco, our soon-to-be-new Coordinator of Youth Ministry. Our search committee has been working since November to find just the right person with the right set of background and gifts to help us lead our teens to Christ. She will soon be graduating from Gonzaga University with studies in theology and music. I believe that she's going to be a great addition to our pastoral staff. Her first official day will be sometime in June as she will be going to Mesa, AZ for specialized training.

Easter Time
Finally, Easter offers a wonderful time to just be thankful for all the blessings God has given us. May you take advantage of the blessings around you and thank God at least once today.

Fr. William Holtzinger