Dear Parishioners,

Some time ago each registered parish household was sent a letter from Archbishop Vlazny that detailed the upcoming “Sharing our Faith, Shaping our Future” capital campaign. In the coming weeks you will hear of and read about the all-parish, all-parishioner capital effort that is moving forward. Our parish and missions are grouped with about 25 other parishes in the southern portion of the Archdiocese of Portland. Our first phase of the effort will be preparation of materials and recruitment of volunteers. So parishioners may not see visible activity. All the activity at this point is behind the scenes.

There are four major goals which our Archbishop has dis- cerned are in need of such an undertaking: Seminary Education, Priests Retirement, Faith Formation, and particular needs of each church based on needs expressed by each parish. As the weeks go forward, these four areas will be reflected upon more deeply for you and expressed in our bulletin, a video presented at Mass, as well as a reflection during Mass.

At this time, it is very important for us to pray for guidance in what God may be calling each of us to do on behalf of this undertaking. Again, we will be describing the details of the capital campaign in the future weeks, but our need for prayerful discernment as good stewards begins now.

This week’s Gospel challenges us to reflect in our own lives how we are being called to be good stewards with all the things we have been given, and in particular how money plays a role in our lives. We are told by Jesus, we cannot both serve God and mammon (wealth).

Each week, as we move forward, please look to our “Capital Campaign Corner” for the latest and most up-to-date information about this important activity within our parish and archdiocese. Please pray for its success as well as the ministry activities that our Archbishop desires to foster in our Churches.


Fr. William Holtzinger