Dear Parishioners,

Our New Priest

This past week we said goodbye to Fr. Paschal. He was a real gift to our community and we wish him all the best in his new assignment at St. Philip Benizi Church. With the departure of Fr. Paschal, we were looking at a situation without a replacement. As providence would have it, a priest from Fr. Paschal’s diocese became free of his other duties while working in Salem and is joining us. So, we welcome Fr. Patrick Nwokeogu (pronounced Woe-kay-oh-goo) to our community of faith. I am sure you will give him our typical warm welcome and come to love him, as he is a very friendly man.

If you are a Techie-type, you can find him active on Facebook. Prior to coming to us, he completed a year of chaplaincy education (aka. Clinical Pastoral Education) in Salem. His love has been for hospital work which will be a great fit for us with all the sick visits that are needed. He’s been a priest for 14 years and a pastor several times. Being here in the United States only two years, however, is a serious cultural shift. So. we will be learning while on the job here. I am proud to say that we are a good place for a new or foreign priests to “learn the ropes.”

Parish Picnic

On a different note, I want to thank the Knights of Columbus for their work to do the heavy for last week’s Parish Picnic. It is a good feeling to know that the men of our parish can come together to serve their parish community. Thank you also to those who helped out with games, set up, and take down. Thank God the weather was very cooperative. From what I understand this year’s picnic was a little scaled down from previous years. Personally, the games are good and other activities are fun, but I just thoroughly enjoyed just being with all of you. In my Listening Sessions when I arrived a year ago, I heard many times from parishioners that they would simply like to have more opportunities to get together for fun and fellowship. I think that was a mis- sion accomplished this last weekend. Thank you all!!!!

Beginning of School and Ministries

Our parish school began last week and others are about to begin. Our various ministries are also gearing up for the season. If you have grade school aged children, please make an effort to enroll them in our Children’s Faith Formation Program. For teens, our middle school, high school, and confirmation programs are getting ready to begin too. With our new liturgy schedule, we will be able to offer Adult Faith Formation classes as well. Beginning Sept. 12th, I will be starting a monthly presentation called, Catholicism 101. The first topic will be about Catholicism and Sci- ence. Keep your eyes peeled to the bulletin for information about all these potential faith formation opportunities coming your way.


Fr. William Holtzinger