Dear Parishioners,

No doubt about two things: School is out and summer weather has finally arrived. Praise God! I hope you have some wonderful plans to go on vacation. I, too, have been making my own plans for camping and my annual trek to the Oregon Star Party. What plans do you have? Are going on a trip somewhere? Maybe you have a special stay-cation planned (that is a vacation without traveling afar). I would be very curious to hear about you adventures when you return. Such sharing enlivens each other’s spirits and reminds us of the beauty of God’s creation. During your vacation I hope you make plans to remember your faith. That means finding the nearest Catholic Church while traveling and making every effort to keep Sunday holy by going to Mass. Last year folks brought back bulletins from the variety of parishes they visited which, in turn, helped us do some updating of our own bulletin. It also gave us some ideas for ministries and other activities. So, please share your experiences.

While you are gone, be mindful that our bills still come in, and we are dependent on your financial stewardship throughout the year whether on vacation or not. One way to make sure that your financial commitment to St. Anne’s is constant is to sign up for automatic electronic payments through what banks call ACH (Automatic Clearing House). Contact Alan Crews for more information. That is how I make sure my commitment is met. Other people have made plans to mail their envelopes while away or even turned them in early before they left.

I pray that all your travels are joy-filled and safe. I pray that God will recreate in you a new heart and refreshed mind. I pray that you enjoy the weather, but don’t get sunburned (I recommend SPS 50 for anyone who is curious). And don’t forget to share your experiences with those you love.


Fr. William Holtzinger