Dear Parishioners,

I want to extend my thanks to Rex Titus for his saintly efforts to make sure our Adoration Chapel has people staffing the many hours needed to keep it going. I say saintly, because often he personally fills in the time when people either don’t show or cannot fulfill their time slot. I would like to encourage all adorers to make a double effort to cover your committed time slot when they know they will be gone for whatever reason. I also want to encourage adorers to be faith- ful to the full hour for which they have committed. But, given human nature and the demands on our lives, sometimes things happen and it becomes almost impossible to fill time slots. So, I’ve had several meetings with Rex and others to devise a plan that should ease this stress and make managing the adoration chapel a simple task.

In time, a tabernacle will be placed in the chapel which will be big enough to encompass the entire monstrance. It will have doors that are easily opened and closed, thus reposing and exposing the Blessed Sacrament. I’ve asked Dick Zahniser to build the tabernacle and Patti Sorge to write icons on the doors, once completed, that adorers will see when the doors are open. The image seen in this letter is a sample image I found on the internet which gives a basic sense of what it will look like. Keep in mind, it is not exactly the same, but the basic shape is very similar and the idea of icons on the doors also gives a sense of what it may look like.

I believe this solution to be a win-win for all involved. But, we want to make sure it is done well. So, please be patient as neither construction or iconography can be rushed. Please pray for all involved so that the final solution is one that encourages more to come to the chapel, reduces the stress when there are no substitutes to be found, and eases the responsibility of the person in charge of managing the Adoration Chapel. If you wish to donate to the costs of this project, you are welcome to come to the office and make a gift which will be given towards the construction of this tabernacle.


Fr. William Holtzinger