Dear Parishioners,

We are well underway for the school year. As such, it is a time to ask, as a family or individual how you are going to grow in your faith. Well, we here at St. Anne’s have a myriad of opportunities in which to learn and grow in your faith.

Children’s Faith Formation, formerly known as Religious Education or CCD, meets almost every Sunday between the two Masses. It is open to children from grades K through 5th grade. Faith Formation speaks more directly to the mission than previous titles. It is not enough just to have intellectual knowledge of the faith. It is also important to have that faith living in one’s heart. If your child is in second grade, this is the time to enroll them in preparation classes for First Reconciliation and First Communion. Those classes will begin meeting in October every other Wednesday in the evening. See the “Faith Formation” section of our bulletin or talk to Terry Knouff for more information.

Youth Ministry is intended for our young people grades 6th through 12th. Our Middle School students meet each Wednesday evening while the High Schoolers meet each Sunday evening. If your teen is a sophomore, then this is the time to make sure that they sign up for preparation classes for Confirmation. They will be meeting between the Masses on Sundays like last year. See the “Youth News” section of our bulletin or talk to Natalie Scott for more information.

If you have a child who is almost seven years of age and has not received any Sacraments or has only received baptism, we have special classes for them which will help integrate them into their peer community while also helping them grow in the special areas they need in order to receive the sacraments they need. Depending on their age (described above), seek out either Terry or Natalie.

If you know a family who has been away or is unaware of these wonderful offerings for their children, please make an effort to let them know about what they are missing. It seems that every year there is someone who approaches us near the end of the school year who realizes that they had forgotten to enroll their children in sacramental preparation. Who knows? You may be the one who can remind them and help them before it is too late in the year.

For our adult parishioners, keep your eyes peeled to the bulletin and listen to the pulpit announcements for some amazing opportunities this year which include Catholicism 101, The Great Adventure Bible Study, the ACTS Retreats, a Mission with John Michael Talbot, and much more. Maybe consider giving your time to a ministry such as Faith Formation or youth Ministry. If you speak Spanish, seek out Esperanza Robles, our Coordinator of Hispanic Ministry, who is always open to having more people to get involved.

Finally, if you are an adult who desires to join the Catholic Faith or are a Catholic in need of any of the Sacraments of Confirmation, Reconciliation, or Eucharist, please seek out Terry who can help you connect with a wonderful group of other adults who are journeying in the same way.

St. Anne’s is a wonderful place where many things are ongoing. It certainly isn’t stagnant nor boring. Take a moment and ponder on how God is calling you and your family to grow in the Faith. Hopefully, some of these things mentioned will give you inspiration to make some decisions, if you haven’t already, to get involved.


Fr. William Holtzinger