Dear Parishioners,

This past week, Fr. Dominic and I joined the rest of the priests of the Archdiocese for our annual Priest Convocation in Newport. While there we had the opportunity to, once again, listen to Fr. Jeremy Driscoll, O.S.B. a priest and monk of Mount Angel Abbey. Fr. Jeremy is part of the Vox Clara Committee who was directly involved in the new translation of the Roman Missal, also known as the Sacramentary. This is the big red book that the priest uses to proclaim the prayers of the Mass. In his talk, Fr. Jeremy discussed the basic principles of the translation and walked through thethird Eucharistic Prayer as well as answered questions from the priests.

It is important that we all study and become familiar with the Sacred Liturgy of the Mass and the upcoming new translation. As such, I will be offering another Catholicism 101 on the new Roman Missal which will take place this month on the 23rd between the Sunday Masses. In addition, we are putting special inserts about the new missal and the translation for your further study.

If you would like to listen to Fr. Jeremy's talks, you can go to www.mysteriesofthemass,com or subscribe via iTunes by searching for my last name or "mysteries of the mass" in the search bar. Also, I will make available some CD for check out at the office.

I am very excited about this upcoming change. It will be like hearing the Mass anew yet old. I also ask for your prayers for all us priests who will bear the greatest burden of making sure we offer the Mass in this new translation in a way that maintains its beauty and dignity. Please forgive us when we mess up because the previous wording is so ingrained in our memories. Until then, may the Lord be with you...


Fr. William Holtzinger