Dear parishioners,

It's that time of year for many goodbye's and hello's.  How's that you ask? Well, here are the highlights...

This past week we celebrated our student at our school who will be moving on to their next grade or next school. They have been given a a wonderful education and a strong encouragement in their faith. 

Next weekend between the Sunday morning Masses at about 9:30 AM, we are hosting a farewell reception for Fr. Nguyen and Natalie Scott. Please come and share in honoring them and sending them off to new adventures. 

On July 1, we welcome Fr. Tetzel Umingli as our new Parochial Vicar and Randi Lauby as our new Coordinator of Youth & Young Adult Ministry. 

There are bound to be more changes, most of which involve parishioners moving away and new ones moving here. For this of us staying out, vacations still await. Some of us will be heading out for vacations while some will be hosting friends and relatives on their vacations. It's just how this time of the year goes. Please, of course, do not go on vacation from practicing your faith. Sometimes people struggle to make it to Mass, because they are unaware of what opportunities are near them. So, before you head out on a vacation, make sure to go to our website and/or go directly to to get a complete list of churches in the U.S. And their Mass times and add those opportunities to your vacation schedule.

Through all these changes, may God bless you and protect you with his guardian angels!


Fr. William Holtzinger